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“Do the Booby!” Dance

What You Need

  • scissors
  • 2 pieces of blue yarn or ribbon (about 18 inches)

What You Do

  • STEP 1: 

    Download and Print the Pattern
    . [1]blue footed pattern [1]

  • STEP 2:

    Cut Out Booby Feet
    Use the pattern to cut two booby feet out of the blue craft foam. Draw lines on both feet as shown on the pattern.blue footed booby feet

  • STEP 3:

    Attach Yarn to Feet
    Punch two holes as shown on the pattern. Thread the ribbon or yarn through the holes. Then tie the feet around your ankles.

  • STEP 4:

    Dance Like a Booby
    1. Lift your right foot up. Give it a try.
    2. Now lift your left. Lift it high.
    3. Flap your wings and point to the sky.
    4. Cross your bills. Don’t be shy.