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Make Colorful Geckos

What You Need

  • lightweight cardboard (such as a file folder or the inside of an empty cereal box)
  • assorted craft paints or crayons
  • gecko pattern [1]
  • craft glue
  • small suction cups or magnets (optional)

What You Do

  • STEP 1: Cut Out The Gecko

    Download the gecko pattern here. [1] Glue the pattern to the sheet of cardboard. Cut out the gecko shape.

    gecko pattern [1]

  • STEP 2: Decorate The Gecko

    Use craft paint or crayons to decorate the top of the gecko with colorful designs.

    yellow gecko

  • STEP 3: Make It Stick!

    If you want to hang your gecko on a window or refrigerator, glue small suction cups or magnets onto its tummy.

    green gecko craft