All Eyes on Dragonflies

There are more than 300 species of dragonflies in the United States and about 3,000 around the world. They come in all colors and patterns. And they have cool names such as darners or dashers, skimmers or gliders. Find some quiet waters on a warm, sunny day and go dragonfly-watching!

Poke a tall stick in the mud near the water’s edge and watch awhile. Maybe a dragonfly will choose your stick as a perch. If so, creep up for a closer look. Check out its colors. Can you see its big eyes? Does it turn its head to look at you? When it zooms away, keep watching. Can you tell what its mission is? Does it return to its perch? Look around for shed nymph skins, too.

Keep track of your observations in a dragonfly journal. Or maybe you can help scientists who study dragonflies, especially ones that migrate. For more, have an adult visit online.


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