Animal Tracks Twister Game

track 1

Use the patterns provided to make your own animal track Twister mat and play a fun game of “Tangled Tracks.” Follow the tracks and you may end up in a tangled knot!

What You Need

  • Tangled Tracks patterns
  • 16 sheets of fun foam (9″ x 12″ each)
  • 3 file folders
  • Permanent markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Packaging tape
  • Brad

What You Do

  1. Download the Patterns
    Download the patterns to make the game mat and spinner.track pattern
  2. Make the Game Mat
      • Cut the file folders in half. Glue the stencil patterns onto the file folders. Cut out the stencils.
      • Use the stencils to draw an animal track on each piece of fun foam. Make four of each animal track.
      • Lay the pieces of the fun foam on the ground to make the game board. Put one type of animal track in each row. Use packaging tape to connect the foam squares.

    track 2

  3. Make the Spinner
      • Glue the spinner sheet onto one of the file-folder pieces.
      • Cut out the spinner and color it in.
      • Punch a hole in the center of the spinner board and the center of the spinner.
      • Use the brad to attach the spinner to the spinner board. (If the spinner doesn’t spin easily, try taping a penny beneath the arrow portion of the spinner.)

  4. Play the Game
    Give the spinner a whirl. Wherever it lands, follow the instructions for where to put your hand or foot. Keep playing until you are all tangled up!track 1