Aphids and Fruit Ant on a Plant

aphids and ants bug bites 1156x650

Recipe by Michele Reyzer; Photo by Mark Godfrey

Do you love bugs? Then you’ll have lots of fun making—and eating—this tasty treat!

What You Need

  • celery
  • corn kernels
  • cherries
  • one large grape
  • cherry stem
  • chow mein noodles
  • toothpicks


What You Do

  1. Place two sticks of celery on a plate. Fill the celery with corn kernels. (These are the aphids.)
  2. For the ant’s head and body, attach two cherries and one large grape together with toothpicks, as shown.
  3. Push another cherry stem into the top of the head to create antennas.
  4. Add six chow mein noodle legs.
Bug Bites JJ 2017 RR
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“Bug Bites” originally appeared in the June/July 2017 issue of Ranger Rick magazine.