Attract Chickadees to Your Hand

Chickadee Activity

Follow these steps and you’ll soon be holding a chickadee in your hand.

What You Need

  • Birdfeeder
  • Seeds


What You Do

  1. Fill a Birdfeeder and Wait for Birds
    1. Every day, fill a birdfeeder with seed and wait nearby for the chickadees to come.
    2. Each time they come, stand a little closer to the feeder, so the birds get used to you. When you can stand an arm’s length away from the feeder without making the birds fly away, the time is right.
  2. Put Seeds in Your Hand
    Put some seeds in your hand, stretch out your arm, and hold very still. With a little luck, a chickadee will drop by for a snack!

It’s never ok to approach or chase wildlife. Please ask an adult for help with this activity.