Coffee Can Giraffe Legs

coffee can giraffe legs step 4

Walk tall like a giraffe when you make these giraffe legs out of coffee cans.

What You Need

  • 2 coffee cans (or any 2 cans sturdy enough for your child to stand on)
  • Yellow construction paper (enough to cover the two cans)
  • Crayons
  • 2 pieces of rope (cut to a length that can go through the can and be long enough for your child to hold as he/she walks)
  • Scissors
  • Sharp utensil (to punch holes in the sides of the cans)
  • Tape

What You Do

  1. Color Paper
    Ask your child to color “giraffe” spots on the yellow paper.
  2. Wrap Paper Around Can
    Wrap the paper around the can and tape to hold in place.
  3. Punch Holes in Can
    Punch a hole close to the bottom of the can. Then punch another hole opposite it on the other side of the can.
  4. Thread Rope Through Can
    Turn the can upside down. Thread the rope into one hole and out the other. Loop it over the top of the can and back through the first hole, and back out the other side. Tie the two end of the rope together. (You should have a strap across the top of can that your child can slip his foot through as well as a handle that your child can can giraffe legs step 4
  5. Walk on Legs
      • Repeat steps 1–4 for the second can.
      • Slip your child’s feet through the straps, and give him the handles. Stay close while your child gets used to balancing on the giraffe legs. Walking is easier on a solid surface. Carpet and grass may be more challenging to walk on.

coffee can giraffe legs step 5