Coffee Filter Butterfly

coffee filter butterfly

Transform a coffee filter into a beautiful butterfly with markers and water.

What You Need

  • Clip clothespin
  • Coffee filter
  • Glue
  • Washable markers
  • Pipe cleaner
  • 7 mini pom-poms
  • Spray bottle filled with water

What You Do

  1. Draw on Coffee Filter
    Use the markers to draw a design on the coffee filter buterfly
  2. Spray Filter with Water
    Place the coffee filter on paper towels and spray lightly with water. Set aside until it is dry.
  3. Make Butterfly’s Body
    Glue pom-poms on the flat side of the clothespin to make the butterfly’s body.
  4. Make Butterfly’s Wings
    Wrap the pipe cleaner around the middle of the coffee filter to make the butterfly’s wings.
  5. Make Butterfly’s Antennae
    Clip the coffee filter and pipe cleaner with the clothespin. Bend the pipe cleaner to make the butterfly’s filter butterfly