Cotton Ball Snowman

cottonball snowman

This cotton ball snowman is guaranteed not to freeze little fingers!

What You Need

  • Cotton balls
  • Various decorative items collected from indoors or outdoors
  • Craft glue or glue stick
  • Construction paper or poster board
  • Pencil

What You Do

  1. Draw Snowman
    On a sheet of heavy paper, draw two circles to form the snowman’s body.
  2. Glue on Cotton Balls
    Spread a thin layer of glue in the two circles. Let your child put cotton balls on the glue.
  3. Decorate Snowman
    While you wait for the glue to dry, gather materials to decorate the snowman. You may want to use materials from outside—twigs, pine cones, leaves, and pebbles—or materials from inside, such as craft sticks, plastic utensils, buttons, beads, and pieces of fabric. Or, you may want to mix and match. Be creative! Glue the items to the snowman’s body.cottonball snowman