Decorate a Frame with Twigs

twigs on a frame

Glue rows of twigs on a frame for a cool effect

What You Need

  • Acorn caps or full acorns
  • Gardening-Shears
  • Tacky Glue
  • Picture frame with flat surfaces
  • Twigs

What You Do

  1. Gather twigs on a nature walk
    Choose twigs that have bark that is securely attached, not starting to chip or peel off in any way.
    You can choose twigs that are generally the same width, or mix it up.
    Cut the twigs to approximately the same length with gardening shears.

    cutting twigs

  2. Put a thin line of glue on each twig
    Tacky Glue works great and dries clear.

    glueing twigs

  3. Glue from the corners to ensure the twigs line up

    twigs on a frame

  4. Glue as you have time
    You don’t have to complete this project all at one time. It can be like a puzzle where you do a little bit each day.

    glueing twigs

  5. You can glue a few acorns in the corner for some extra decoration

    glued acorns