Fly a Kite

On a windy day, get your exercise while you play chase with a kite.

What You Need

  • Extra string
  • Kite
  • Open space
  • Wind

What You Do

  1. Find an open area with no trees or power lines
    Stand with your back to the wind while you stand with your spool of kite string. Have your friend walk away from you with the kite.
  2. Back up until you are about 20 feet or 6 meters away from your friend
    When a gust of wind comes, have your friend toss your kite into the air while you jog backwards to help the kite take off.
  3. Take turns holding the spool
    Tug on the string when the kite is sailing upward to make it go faster. If it starts to plunge down, let out some string until the wind catches it again.
    If your kite has a long tail, people can chase it.
  4. When you are ready to land the kite, slowly wind in the string
    Catch the kite before it hits the ground.
  5. With a good wind and a nice kite, people of all ages can fly a kite!
    Even a toddler!