Freeze Frosty Ornaments

Gather your favorite nature objects and freeze them into fanciful ornaments of ice.

What You Need

  • small baking molds or muffin pans
  • Evergreen leaves, seedpods, acorns, berries, or any other objects from nature
  • Ribbon
  • Water

What You Do

  1. Go outside
    Head outside for a winter walk and gather nature items. (See list above.)
  2. Arrange objects
    Arrange the collected objects inside the molds or muffin pan. Pour water over them.
  3. Add Ribbon
    For the hangers, place the ends of a strip of ribbon in the water in each mold.
  4. Take outside
    Carefully move the molds outside to freeze. (If the temperature is above 32°F, put them in your freezer instead.)
  5. Unmold
    After the water has frozen, remove the ornaments from the molds. (If they won’t come out easily, run some warm water over the bottom to loosen.)
  6. Hang
    Hang the ornaments outside on tree branches.

    You can also add fruit slices, sunflower seeds, nuts, and dried corn kernels to your ornaments. As the temperature rises, the ornaments will start to melt. Some of the treasures inside will make tasty treats for the birds in your neighborhood!

    By Michele Reyzer. This activity originally appeared in the December/January 2012 issue of Ranger Rick magazine.