Grow a Sunflower Playhouse

sun flower

Imagine building a playhouse from the ground up–no tools required! From a handful of sunflower seeds, kids can grow their very own enchanted garden getaway that will teach them valuable gardening skills and provide hours of imaginative outdoor play.


What You Need

  • 2 packets of sunflower seeds (try mixing mammoth seeds for high walls and dwarf seeds to fill in the lower spaces)
  • Shovel
  • Garden hose or watering can

What You Do

  1. Lay your foundation
    After frost danger has passed in the spring, choose a sunny place for your playhouse that is clear and level. Using a shovel, dig up the earth in a horseshoe shape that is about 6 feet wide, removing the top layer of sod to expose bare soil. In the inside of the horseshoe can be cleared or left grassy for green “carpet” in your playhouse.digging
  2. Plant your seeds
    Follow the instructions on your seed packets to sow sunflowers in the exposed soil. Mix mammoth and dwarf seeds evenly for high, dense walls.sunflower seeds
  3. Water and watch it grow
    Keep the soil moist but not soggy (sunflowers don’t like too much water). It will take the seeds 5-10 days to sprout and 8-12 weeks for them to grow to their full height. In the meantime, kids can build a stone walkway, paint a welcomesign, and craft decorations for their blossoming bungalow.sun flower