Help Birds by Featuring Nature Ornaments on the Windows

Window decorations

One way to deter birds from flying into windows is to decorate the windows. Collect petals or leaves on your next nature walk and place them in a pretty design between two piece of wax paper.

What You Need

  • Flat nature objects – leaves, pine needles, flower petals are the prettiest
  • Heavy books
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Towels
  • Transparent tape
  • Wax paper

What You Do

  1. Go for a nature walk to find flat nature objects.
    These will change based on the season. In the fall, you might seek colorful leaves. In the winter, you might seek flat evergreen needles of varying types.

    Window decorations

  2. When you get home, squish your objects between towels and heavy books.
    This will help them dry out if it is wet, and also make it easier to iron them.
  3. Get two sheets of wax paper, the same size.
    You might start with something about one foot by one foot. Ideally, do your design work on an ironing pad, which is a pad that allows you to iron on top of a regular surface. If you don’t have one, do your design work on a lay it on a flat board that will allow you to transport your work to the ironing board.
  4. Lay out your nature objects on one sheet in any design you like.
    You could re-create how things look in nature. You could use the objects to make the shape of an animal such as a bird. You could lay them out in a pretty repeating pattern.
  5. Lay the other sheet of wax paper on top.
    Set your iron at a low setting and put a towel or pillow case between the iron and the wax paper. Press the ornament flat. Then hang it in the window!