Inspire with a Nature Table

nature table

Gather the most beautiful natural objects you can find, and display them to brighten your day.

What You Need

  • Camera (optional)
  • Glass vase (optional)
  • Nature objects
  • Shoe organizer, with clear pockets (optional)
  • Table cloth or runner (optional)

What You Do

  1. On your nature travels, gather some beautiful objects.
    People love to bring home some of the amazing things we see in nature. It’s important that you are choosy though and that you don’t disturb wildlife habitat.
    Natural objects you might collect include:

    • sea shells (not too many!)
    • rocks
    • nuts
    • seed pods and pine cones
    • empty eggshells
    • bird nests
    • dried flowers
    • small gourds

    Once you have some items you’d like to celebrate, find a table, shelf or vase where you’d like to display them.

    nature table

  2. To protect your table or shelf from scratches, you could lay out a table runner or cloth.
    Or you might display your finds in a clear glass vase.
    Over time, you might find new things. If so, be sure to return your other items to the wild again. You could take a photo of your table as it changes from season to season.
    Some people like to store their nature finds in a clear shoe organizer with many pockets.