Jump on Painted Nature Objects to Make Prints

leaf print

Squeeze nature objects between newspapers, add a layer of paint, and make awesome nature prints.

What You Need

  • Bag for collecting items
  • Paint brushes
  • White glue to thicken paint, if necessary
  • Leaves, flowers, feathers, or other flat items for print objects
  • Newspaper
  • Tempera paint
  • Paper
  • Styrofoam or plastic trays

What You Do

  1. Go outside!
    Go for a walk and collect items you want to use for printing. If you are not printing right away, keep them in a Ziploc bag so they don’t dry out and begin to curl up.
  2. Cover your work area with newspaper or another protective covering.
    Put a second and thick layer of newspaper on your work area. Place the paper you are using to make your print on top of this thick layer of newspaper.
  3. Prep your paint.
    Your paint should be the consistency of paste. If it seems too watery, add a small amount of white glue to the bottle to make it thicker. This will also prevent the paint from drying too quickly.
    Pick your colors and squirt about a tablespoon of tempera pain into each tray.
  4. Pick what you want to print.
    Lay your leaf or other flat nature objects onto the tray (not in the paint). With your brush, cover the leaf on one side with an even layer of paint.
  5. Place painted object on the paper.
    Place it painted side down. Do not move the object once you have put it on the paper. Repeat until you have completed your design, leaving all your objects in place.
    Place another thick layer of newspaper on top of your paper and nature objects.
  6. Time to move!
    Carefully carry your paper, along with the newspaper sections on top and underneath, and place the whole bundle on the floor, or outside on a hard surface (not the lawn).
  7. Jump on the newpaper pile to create the print.
    Jump straight up and down with scuffing your feet to avoid moving the objects under the newspaper.
  8. Time to reveal your masterpiece.
    Remove the newspapers and gently peel off your objects to see your creation!leaf print