Learn About Tiger Stripes and Camouflage

tiger in grass

This hide-and-seek game can show your child how a tiger’s stripes help it blend in with the sunlight and shadows of its native grasslands.

What You Need

  • Red marker
  • Black marker
  • 30 natural-colored toothpicks

What You Do

  1. Color Toothpicks
    Color 10 toothpicks with a red marker. Color 10 other toothpicks with a black marker. Leave the remaining toothpicks plain.
  2. Hide Toothpicks in Grass
    Parent: Hide the 30 toothpicks in a grassy area. Give your child one minute to gather as many toothpicks as possible.
  3. Talk About What You Learned
    • How many red toothpicks did you find? How many black toothpicks? How many tan (plain) ones?
    • Which toothpicks were easiest to find?
    • Which two colors were closet to the colors of a tiger’s stripes?
    • How do a tiger’s stripes help it hide in the grass?tiger in grass