Lemur Ring Toss

Work on your tossing and catching skills with this easy-to-make ring toss game.

What You Need

  • Glue or tape
  • Brown craft paint
  • White paper
  • Colorful paper plates
  • Cardboard paper towel tube
  • Scissors

What You Do 

  1. Prepare Paper Towel Tube
    • Cover the paper towel tube with a piece of white paper. Tape or glue in place.
    • Paint brown rings around the tube from end to end. Let the paint dry.
  2. Make Rings
    Carefully cut the middle out of several paper plates to make rings. If your plates are white, encourage your child to decorate the rings.
  3. Play the Game
    Take turns being the tosser and catcher, moving farther and farther apart as your child’s coordination improveslemur ring toss