Make a Chameleon Bug-Catcher

chameleon craft

Pretend to be a chameleon and catch tasty bugs.

What You Need

  • chameleon pattern
  • green craft foam
  • 2 green pom-poms
  • 2 googly eyes
  • permanent marker
  • craft glue
  • party blower
  • scraps of felt or craft foam
  • adhesive-backed Velcro®

What You Do

  1. Use the pattern to cut out two chameleon head shapes from craft foam.
  2. Glue the two cut-out pieces together along the top and bottom, leaving the middle open.
  3. Slide the party blower through the opening. Attach a thin strip of Velcro® (the hooked side) to the tip of the party blower “tongue”.
  4. Glue a pom-pom and googly eye to each side of the chameleon’s head. Add a mouth and nostril with permanent marker, as shown.
  5. Draw small bugs on scraps of felt or craft foam. Cut out them out and attach a piece of Velcro® (the looped side) to each one.
  6. Now catch the bugs with your sticky “tongue”!

chameleon craft

Craft by Michele Reyzer