Make a Dirt Dessert

Bring the mud in the house with this delicious dirt dessert

What You Need

  • Sandwich Baggies
  • Chocolate Pudding or yogurt
  • Chocolate cookies (animal cookies, chocolate graham crackers, etc)
  • Clear Plastic Cups
  • Gummy Worms
  • Rolling Pin
  • Spoons

What You Do

  1. Spoon your chocolate pudding or yogurt into individual clear plastic cups
    This will be the base of the delicious and fun dessert. The clear cups make it easy for your young ones to see what’s hiding below the surface as they dig through their dirt dessert.
  2. Grab your gummy worms
    Hide the gummy worms in the pudding, so you can’t really see them.
  3. Crush the chocolate cookies
    Place a few cookies, about 5 or 6, into a plastic baggy and use a rolling pin to crush them up. They will turn into little cookie crumbles, which you can use as the top coat of dirt on the pudding.
  4. Time to decorate
    Add a gummy worm on top of the dessert as decoration or have it’s gummy head poking out from the “dirt.” See if your child can count how many worms are hiding throughout their pudding!
  5. Bon Appetit!
    Now it’s time to enjoy this delicious and dirty dessert! Grab your spoons and enjoy.

    gummy worm