Make a Spider Egg Sac Decoration for Halloween

spider sac

This spooky spider egg sac is a fun Halloween decoration that’s frightfully easy to make!

What You Need

  • white ballon
  • string
  • cotton batting (available at craft stores)
  • craft glue

What You Do

  1. Inflate the balloon.
    Inflate the balloon to the size you want your egg sac to be and knot the end.
  2. Tie the string.
    Tie a piece of string (at least 12 inches long) around the knot of the balloon.
  3. Add the cotton.
    Cut strips of cotton batting. Glue them onto the balloon until it’s completely covered.
  4. Add the spiders.
    Place some creepy-crawly spiders on the egg sac, then hang.
  5. Here’s how to make your own Creepy-Crawly Spiders:
  6. What You Need:
    • four equal-length pieces of pipe cleaner
    • one small and one large black pom-pom
    • tacky glue
  7. What You Do:
    1. Gather the pipe cleaners in a tight bundle and twist them together in the middle.
    2. Bend the pipe cleaners to create eight legs.
    3. Glue the pom-poms together. Once dry, glue them onto the twisted middle section of the spider.spider sac