Penguin Pancakes

Here’s a cool way to start your day!

by Michele Reyzer; photo by Mark Godfrey

What You Need

  • pancakes (two large and one small)
  • melted chocolate (For a healthy option, use chocolate yogurt instead.)
  • American cheese
  • raisin or chocolate chip
  • vanilla yogurt
  • shredded coconut
  • hard-boiled egg

What You Do

  1. For the body, place a large pancake in the center of your plate. For the head, add the small pancake above it.
  2. Cut two wing shapes and an oval-shaped belly from the remaining pancake. Arrange on the plate, as shown.
  3. Spread chocolate on the penguin’s head, wings, and body. Cover the oval belly with vanilla yogurt.
  4. Cut a triangle bill and two feet from the cheese. Place the shapes on the penguin, as shown. “Glue” a raisin or chocolate chip eye on the penguin’s head with vanilla yogurt. Sprinkle coconut “snow” on the plate.
  5. Place the egg between the penguin’s feet.

    Click image for a larger view.