Manatee Tub Toy Made With Bath Sponges

Manatee tub toy

Swim with manatees at bath time.

What You Need

  • 2 black buttons
  • Needle
  • 2 round natural color sponges
  • 2 plastic mesh bath sponges (“squishies”)
  • Reinforced toe, knee-high stocking
  • Thread

What You Do

  1. Make Flippers
    Cut two pieces off of one of the sponges, to make flippers.
  2. Stuff Stocking With Squishies
    Push the cut sponge into the stocking. Then push a squishy into the stocking, followed by the other sponge, and the last squishy.
  3. Tie a Knot In the Stocking to Make Manatee’s Tail
  4. Sew On Flippers and Eyes
    Sew the remaining sponge pieces on either side of the manatee for flippers. Sew the buttons on for eyes.

    Manatee tub toy