Pamper Your Toy Dinosaurs at a Dino Spa

Dino gets massage

Give your toy dinosaurs (or any plastic toys) a lovely spa experience outdoors on a sunny day.

What You Need

  • Bucket or bowl
  • Creams, inexpensive types
  • Cups or packaging from muffins for holding paint
  • Dinosaurs or other washable toys
  • Newspaper, to protect your table or table cloth
  • Paint, water-based
  • Paint brushes, small
  • Smocks, aprons or old clothing
  • Towels
  • Warm water

What You Do

  1. Set up your spa
    Find a comfortable spot, preferably a picnic table or child-sized table outside. Ensure the table is either waterproof or covered by a waterproof table cloth. Get dressed in clothing that can get damp or wear waterproof aprons.
    Fill a small bucket with warm water. Sprinkle in a few liquid soap drops and stir to make bubbles. Lay out your spa supplies as if you really work at spa with:

    • a waiting area for the customers
    • a nail-painting station (washable paint, brushes, water in a cup)
    • a massage area (inexpensive creams and towels)
    • a bath area (warm water bucket and towels)

    You can add to the spa motif by playing some soothing music or just let the sounds of nature act as your soundtrack.
    Now gather up toys from around the house that are waterproof. Toy dinosaurs work great and appeal to a wide variety of kids.

  2. Give your dinosaur customers a massage
    Your dino has had a long day so it is time for a nice dino massage.
    If your child has never had a massage, talk about how it is nice to start at one end of the body and move to the other end.
    If you use inexpensive creams for the massage, it makes it more fun for the kids to rub into their toys.

    Dino getting massage

  3. Give your dinosaurs a bath
    After the massage, the toys might be a little slimy due to the massage oils, so a bath would be nice.

    Dino taking bath

  4. Paint your dinosaurs claws, scales and whatever else they request
    Use water-based paints that are easy to wash off later. Use small brushes so it is easier to get the paint only on the claw or scale.

    Boy painting dino

  5. Try different colors of polish
    You only have to mix tiny amounts to paint dinosaur claws.

    Dino getting nails painted

  6. Take photos of your dinosaurs when they are all polished up
    How often do they get dressed up this fancy?

    Painting dinosaur back