Plant a Party Favor

Have the children paint their own pots, plant flowers, and take them home!

What You Need

  • Small terra-cotta pots and saucers, one for each guest
  • Flowers – 1 per child
  • Non-toxic permanent paint, such as acrylic
  • Potting soil
  • Small hand spades or sand shovels
  • Small stones or pebbles for drainage

What You Do

  1. Before the party, do a base coat of paint
    It might take a few coats because the paint soaks into the ceramic pot.
  2. Have the kids decorate their flower pots.
    Have the kids use their creativity to paint the outside of the flower pots. Have them paint their names on the bottom of their pots.
    To make dots on the pots, they can dip their paint brush handles in the paint and press them against the pot.
  3. Put a few pebbles at the bottom of each pot to allow for drainage.
  4. Place a flower in each pot
  5. Put dirt around the edges of the flower.
    Then send everyone home with reminders to put the flowers in sun and water them.