Play Flashlight Tag

Flashlight tag is a great way to burn off your kids’ energy before bed!


What You Need

  • Flashlights, hand-held and/or head lamps
  • Tripod (optional, if taking photos)
  • Camera (optional, if taking photos)

What You Do

  1. Decide on the boundaries of the game, using trees or existing structures in a park or backyard.
    1. Whoever is “it” waits at home base with a flashlight and counts to 20
    2. When they’re done, they set out hunting for the others with the light.
    3. “It” tags a player by shining the light on them and identifying them (calling out their name).
    4. Once “tagged,” players return to the starting point until all are caught.
    5. The first person caught is “it” in the next round
  2. It’s fun to take photos of flashlight tag.
    You need a tripod and a digital camera with a night setting.
    Set up the tripod and ask the players to run toward the camera. The camera shutter will stay open a long time in order to gather enough light for the photo. The flashlights appear as swirling lines on the photo.
  3. Flashlight tag can help with going to bed.
    Especially on school days where the kids might not have moved their bodies very much, a 15-30 minute game of flashlight tag before bed can get squeeze in some outdoor time in a busy day.
    And in the spring, it might transform into a frog observation night!