Practice Tracking Skills

Are you good at watching for signs on the ground? That’s called tracking.


What You Need

  • Orange or lemon peels
  • Plastic contained
  • Treasure (it could be a prized toy)


What You Do

  1. Peel an orange or lemon.
    Save the peels and cut them into small pieces. These will be the clues that lead your participant to the treasure.
  2. Find a good place to hide the treasure, away from where your tracker is waiting.
    If you are putting the trail in a place where the tracker can see you, have them cover their eyes.
    Start at the hiding spot and work your way backwards, so you don’t run out of peels before you find a good hiding place.
    Then lay down the peels every 10-15 feet. This forms the path that your tracker will follow to find the treasure.
    In the autumn, this activity can be tricky if you drop the peels among autumn leaves. Aim to put the peels in places with a strong color contrast.
  3. Bring your tracker to the start of your trail.
    Give them the plastic container so they can pick up the peels as they go. Even though peels are natural and would decompose, you don’t want to litter. Plus then you can lay a new trail.
    Follow your tracker along. If they get lost, help them get back on track.
  4. They found the treasure!
    Celebrate! And perhaps the tracker can now lay down a trail for you.