Pumpkin Patch Fun

Going pumpkin-picking? Pumpkins grow on all kinds of farms, maybe even on one near you.

If you’re going pumpkin-picking with family or friends, turn your search into a “scavenger hunt” and compare your lists. Below are some pumpkins to look for:

  • roundest
  • biggest/smallest
  • smoothest/bumpiest
  • darkest/palest
  • tall-and-skinniest
  • short-and-fattest

Pumpkin patch


Pumpkin seeds are great high-energy snacks that help wildlife fatten up for the winter. Plus, they have way more protein than either corn or sunflower seeds. After you carve your jack-o’-lantern, set out some seedy snacks for squirrels and other wildlife!

Art by Jack Desrocher