Make a Rabbit Windsock

Hang your rabbit windsock outside and watch it hop about!


  • 1 sheet white craft foam
  • 1 sheet pink craft foam
  • 8 strips of ribbon (each 2′ long)
  • black and red markers
  • stapler and glue
  • string


  1. Cut the sheet of white craft foam in half lengthwise. Roll the foam lengthwise and staple the edges together to make a tube.
  2. Cut two large ears out of white craft foam. Cut two smaller ears out of the pink craft foam. Glue the pink ears on top of the white ears.
  3. Staple the ears onto the white tube.
  4. Cut a triangle shape out of the pink craft foam. Glue it onto the face for a nose.
  5. Use markers to draw the rest of the face on the rabbit, as shown.
  6. Staple strips of ribbon along the bottom of the tube.
  7. Cut a long piece of string and staple one end to each side of the top of the rabbit’s head.
Tap image for a closer look.