Shapely Penguin Pal

Use geometric shapes to recycle a toilet paper roll into a penguin pal.

What You Need

  • black, orange, and white construction paper
  • glue
  • googly eyes
  • penguin pattern (see below)
  • scissors
  • empty toilet paper roll

What You Do

  1. Download, Print, and Cut Out Pattern
    1. Download and print the shapely penguin pattern.
    2. Cut out the shapes on the pattern.
  2. Glue Shapes on Toilet Paper Roll
    1. Glue the rectangle around the toilet paper roll. Then glue on tummy, wings, and feet.
    2. Glue the head onto the top of the roll.
    3. Glue the orange diamond on top of the black diamond. Glue onto the front of the head.
  3. Glue on Eyes
    Glue on googly eyes and any other decorations you’d like.