Sparkling Snowflakes

Sparkling snowflake

Create an indoor snowstorm with these sparkling snowflakes made with pipe cleaners.

What You Need

  • White or clear glitter
  • White paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Pasta pieces of various sizes that can be threaded
  • 3 long pipe cleaners
  • White string (about 1 foot long)
  • Thumbtack or strong tape

What You Do

  1. Twist Pipe Cleaners
    Twist the centers of the three pipe cleaners together so that six pipe-cleaner arms fan out like a star.
  2. Thread Pasta Onto Pipe Cleaners
    Thread pasta pieces onto each arm, leaving extra room at the ends to tie a loop. Loop the end of each arm by twisting the pipe cleaner.
  3. Attach String
    Twist the end of the top arm around a piece of white string.
  4. Paint and Add Glitter
    • Paint your creation with white paint. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle on glitter.
    • Let dry and hang with a thumbtack or strong tape.

    Sparkling snowflake