Strawberry Heart-Shaped Sandwiches

strawberry heart

These pretty sandwiches, made with cream cheese and strawberry jam, say “I love you!”

What You Need

  • Bread
  • Heart-shaped cookie cutter
  • Cream cheese
  • Red food coloring
  • Strawberry jam
  • Small strawberries, washed and capped

What You Do

  1. Cut Bread Into Heart Shape
    Use a cookie cutter to cut heart shapes out of bread.
  2. Add Cream Cheese or Jam
    • Spread cream cheese or jam on one side of the bread hearts. (To make pink cream cheese, add a drop of red food coloring to a small amount of the cheese and stir until well blended.)
    • Leave sandwiches open-faced or top with more bread, sliced strawberries, or dollops of jam.strawberry heart