Take a Penny Hike

Flipping a penny

Flip a coin to decide which way to travel when you go for a walk.

What You Need

  • Penny
  • Snacks (optional)
  • Water bottle (optional)

What You Do

  1. Pick Two Possible Destinations and Flip a Penny
    Start your adventure. Determine your course by a flip of the coin. Pick two possible beginnings to your journey. An example might be: “Heads: Walk to the big elm tree. Tails: Go left until the end of the block.” Then flip your penny and start your hike.

    Flipping a penny

  2. Flip Your Penny Again
    At the next junction, create two new choices. Then flip your coin.
    You and your child can trade off deciding what the two options will be. Don’t forget to throw in some silly choices, such as, “Heads: Walk to the corner backward,” or “Tails: Jump all the way to the next driveway.”

    Choose a path