Tissue Paper Lei

paper lei

If you don’t have fresh blossoms, you can use tissue paper to make a beautiful lei.

What You Need

  • Unsharpened pencil or pen (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Colorful sheets of tissue paper
  • Yarn or string (optional)

What You Do

  1. Cut Tissue Paper
    To make a flower, cut out circles from several pieces of tissue paper. (Tip: Fold a sheet into thirds lengthwise, and then into quarters, so that you can cut 12 circles from one sheet of tissue paper.)
  2. Make Flowers
    • Layer two to three circles on top of each other. Pinch the stack of tissue paper at the center and twist the paper so the edges crinkle up to form a blossom. Secure the twisted part with tape.
    • Another way to form a blossom is to ask your child to hold a pencil with the end at the center of the top circle. Grab the tissue paper circles from underneath and wrap them around the pencil. Take out the pencil before twisting and taping.
  3. Assemble Lei
    When you have made about 10 to 12 flowers, tie them together with a piece of yarn. Or cut lengths of tissue paper and tape them together to make a tissue paper “string.” (Tip: A long strip of tape down the middle of a tissue paper string will make it stronger.) Wrap the string or yarn around the flowers’ twisted stems. Then tie or tape them into place until you have a long strip of flowers. Tie or tape the ends together to make a circle of flowers.

    paper lei