Watch Hawks

coopers hawk

Fall is a great time for hawk-watching.  Here are some tips to help you spot these cool birds.

What You Do

  1. Know Where to Go
    You can look up in the sky for hawks anytime, anywhere. But there are some hot spots during migration where you’re more likely to see them—and lots of them. These hot spots are usually along coastlines or mountain ridges. For more, check out eNature’s Hawk Watch (needs link) feature.
  2. Know What to Watch For
    What kinds of raptors you’ll see depends on where you are. Here are some common ones. Check ’em out!

    • Turkey Vulture
    • Black Vulture
    • Sharp-shinned Hawk
    • Northern Harrier
    • Ferruginous Hawk
    • Red-tailed Hawk
    • Red-shouldered Hawk
    • Broad-winged Hawk
    • Swainson’s Hawk
    • Golden Eagle
    • Bald Eagle
    • Osprey
    • Kestrel
  3. Know How to Tell Who’s Who
    It’s hard to see much detail on something way up high—even with binoculars. But experienced hawk watchers can tell a lot just by shouldered hawk