Watch the Sun Rise


It’s the same old sun, but it’s still beautiful each and every time it rises. Get up early and watch the show.

What You Need

  • Crayons and watercolors
  • Paper

What You Do

  1. Find Out When the Sun Will Rise
    Look at a newspaper or online weather service to find out what time the sun will rise in your area on any given day. If you want to see the dawn (when the sun starts to brighten the sky), remember it occurs about a half hour before sunrise (the moment the sun peeks over the horizon).sunrise
  2. Pick a Good Spot and Wait

    • A clear view of the eastern horizon is the best. Settle in and wait for the show.
    • While you’re waiting, create your own sunrise ceremony by singing all the sun songs you know. Some possibilities: “You Are My Sunshine”; “Here Comes the Sun”; and “Good Day, Sunshine.”

    girl at sunrise 2

  3. Capture the Moment
    The sunrise paints the sky with amazing golds, oranges, and reds – often against a beautiful blue background. Encourage your child to capture the moment with crayons or watercolors, or a camera. Let your creativity shine!girl at sunrise 1
  4. Talk About the Sun
    It’s hot stuff. Once your child feels the sun’s warmth, explain that the sun is so hot that we can feel its heat from 93 million miles away! Its surface is about 10,000˚ Fahrenheit. The sun makes life on Earth possible by providing heat and light.
    You’re not alone! You aren’t the only ones getting up with the sun. Listen to the sounds of early morning. Which animals are up and calling? What sounds come from people starting their day? While many creatures are starting their day, others have been up all night. Ask your child to guess what local critters might be heading home to sleep (e.g., skunks, raccoons, owls, fireflies, bats, crickets).
  5. Build a Sculpture to Celebrate Your Sunrise Celebration
    Flat rocks can make a very cool Inukshuk!inukshukat