Watch Weather

clouds at sunset

Spring is a great time to go outside and try checking out the weather near you. Here are two tricks to try.

What You Need

  • Container of bubbles
  • Wand for blowing bubbles

What You Do

  1. Use Bubbles to Observe the Wind
    • On a breezy day, take a container of bubbles outside. Stand in one spot and slowly turn in a circle as you blow bubbles.
    • When the bubbles drift straight out in front of you, that tells you the wind is coming from directly behind you.
    • Now turn around to face into the wind. Do you see clouds, rain, or blue sky in that direction? Whatever weather you see, the wind will probably bring it your way soon.

    blowing bubbles

  2. Go Cloud-Watching
    • Lie down and look up at the clouds. Are they wispy or fluffy, lumpy or puffy? Moving fast or moving slow? Up high or down low?
    • If you switch on your imagination, you may see animal shapes, letters of the alphabet, or other pictures in the clouds.
    • To learn the names of different kinds of clouds, check your library for The Cloud Book by Tomie de Paola or other books about weather.

    cloudy sky