Watch a Hummingbird Fly

Hummingbirds are amazing. These tiny birds can fly forward, backward, and straight up in the air the way a helicopter can. Watch one in action!

Watch a Blue Whale

The blue whale is the most gigantic animal in the ocean—and in the world! Can you believe this whale’s heart is almost as big as a golf cart?

Watch a Manatee Mom with Her Baby

Manatees are some of the most peaceful creatures in the world. These slow-moving mammals love lounging around. They spend 10 to 12 hours each day resting or sleeping!

Watch a Seahorse Swim

Seahorses are the world’s slowest fishes. It can take some kinds of seahorses more than a minute to swim just 12 inches!

Prowl for Owls

Want to look for owls? Head out with family and friends and follow these owl prowl tips.