Thanks to all of our readers who entered our “Top of the World” contest!

Esther Horvath will be returning to the Arctic soon, and in her backpack will be these winning drawings! Each of the artists will receive a photo of their artwork with Esther, as well as a “cool” postmark.

Congratulations to these winners:

Alyssa G., North Carolina, age 9
Anastasia S., Nebraska, age 10
Annabeth B., New York, age 9
Bella M., California, age 7
Brenda C., Oklahoma, age 8
Caedmon T., Georgia, age 9
Caleb B., Tennessee, age 12
Charlotte B., Massachusetts, age 11
Dannon D., North Carolina, age 11
Elena M.-S., Minnesota, age 10
Eliza B., Massachusetts, age 7
Esther L., Washington, age 11
Gerard D., Indiana, age 12
Gracie W., Illinois, age 9
Guhan K., Utah, age 8
Hannah C., Connecticut, age 10
Henry J., North Carolina, age 12
Hosanna E., Ohio, age 7
Joseph D., Indiana, age 13
Katie C., Massachusetts, age 10
Konan T., Georgia, age 11
Lucia H., New Mexico, age 9
Lucy D., New Jersey, age 6
Maria O., British Columbia, Canada, age 13
Nicole Z., California, age 10
Richie F., New Jersey, age 9
Sadie L., Kansas, age 11
Stella W., Arizona, age 11
Thomas H., Maryland, age 9
Tyson S., Virginia, age 6