April 2015

English Parent Reading Guide

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Ranger Rick Jr April 2015 CoverReading stimulates imagination and creates interests. Book and magazine pictures can take a child’s mind to another place or time. By hearing stories about other people, countries, and ideas, the child discovers the world’s diversity. The characters in “Ricky and Pals” use their imaginations when they see a rainbow in this month’s Ranger Rick Jr. (See page 20).

Colors of the Rainbow
As you read the story about Ricky, Flora, Mitzi, and Bizzie, you can explain to your child that after a rain shower, sunlight shining through water droplets creates the bright colors of a rainbow.

Ask your child to name the colors in a rainbow, then write the colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the lines next to the color.


As you read the story, talk about how Ricky and his friends are using their imaginations. (Ricky wants to hug the rainbow; Mitzi thought it would be fun to slide on the rainbow.) Of course, neither of these things is possible. But as they run towards the beautiful colors, they learn there is no way to get close to a rainbow.

April Showers Bring May Flowers
As the spring weather warms the earth, plants start to emerge from being dormant during the winter months. Take your child outside every few days during April and May to look at how new leaves and flowers develop as they grow. Here are examples of a leaf and a rose changing from a bud to the beautiful colors of the natural world. Spring and summer bring many opportunities to share nature with your child.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Read to your child every day and get outdoors to enjoy the warmer weather.


Mike Wilson, Founder

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