April 2016

English Parent Reading Guide

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Ranger Rick Jr April 2016 CoverThis month’s Ranger Rick Jr. reminds us that many animals have babies in the spring. On page 24, you can learn about a goose who built a nest next to the building where Ranger Rick Jr. is written in Reston, Virginia. You and your child can watch the mother and her gosling in this video.

Show your child the story on pages 6–12  that identifies many other animals that lay eggs. Explain that some animals take care of their eggs and other animals leave them alone after laying the eggs. Ask which animals watch over the eggs they lay. (The ostrich, snake, tern, penguin, octopus, sparrow, and spider all take care of their eggs until they hatch.) Talk about the importance of parents caring for their babies.

Activities done with an adult or older sibling encourage children to work with others. You can draw a rabbit as shown on page 30 and have your child color the picture.

Webcams on the Internet provide many ways to share animals with a child. Suggested sites are:

Enjoy the April flowers with your child,
Mike Wilson, Founder

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