April 2020

English Parent Reading Guide

Dear Parents:
Happy spring! This month’s guide focuses on how you can use questions to enhance your child’s learning with Ranger Rick Jr.

Read the six animal facts on pages 4–5. Then ask your child these questions:

  • “Which animal does not have eyelids?”
  • “What is something orangutan babies do when they play?”
  • “How frequently do shrews eat?”
  • “Do caterpillars have two, eight or twelve eyes?”

As you read the Ricky and Pals story on pages 12–15, occasionally stop and ask your child what he or she thinks will happen next. Some suggestions are:

  • After reading page 12, ask “What shapes are on Ricky’s papers?”
    “Where do you think the friends will find the different shapes?”
  • On page 13, ask your child to count the circles on the flowers.
    Then ask “Do you think they will find other shapes in nature?”
  • After reading the story, encourage your child find different shapes around your home.

Reading Ranger Rick Jr. aloud with your child is an enjoyable way to learn.

¡Hola! Read the story about baby birds from pages 7-11 in Spanish at RangerRick.org/BrothersSP

Mike Wilson, Founder
Prekindergarten Reading Encouragement Project
PREP – Helping childhood literacy one family at a time.