April 2022

English Parent Reading Guide
April 2022 Ranger Rick Jr. Kangaroo Cover

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Being curious helps children learn, and asking questions models curious behavior. So, as you share Ranger Rick Jr. with your child, be sure to ask questions. If your child has questions you are not able to answer, look in a library or on the Internet for more information.

Let’s Read about Kangaroos

After reading about kangaroos on page 6–11, ask your child these questions:

  • How far can a kangaroo go in a single hop?
    Answer: nearly 30 feet (page 8). Show your child that twelve adult steps is about 30 feet.
  • What do kangaroos eat?
    Answer: grass, leaves, and flowers (page 9).
  • How old are little roos before they start acting like a kangaroo?
    Answer: six months (page 11).
  • What are male, female, and young kangaroos called?
    Answers: boomer (page 8), flyer (page 9), and joey (page 10).

Can you think of other questions to ask? Does your child have questions for you to answer?

Ask your child these questions about pages 24–25:

  • Which animal is a “brown, flightless bird”?
    Answer: animal number 5. Can your child sound out the bird’s name? (KEY-wee)
  • What animal has long back legs for jumping?
    Answer: animal number 2, the katydid insect.
  • Which animal has spiral horns?
    Answer: animal number 6. Can your child sound out the antelope’s name? (COO-do)

Now ask questions about the other three animals on these pages.

Learning can be fun when you and your child ask and answer questions together.

kangaroos - Spanish translation¡Hola! Read about kangaroos in Spanish at RangerRick.org/KangarooSP


Mike Wilson, Founder

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