December/January 2023

English Parent Reading Guide

Kangaroo Cover RR JR Dec Jan 2023Dear Parents and Guardians:

If you think the kangaroo joey on the cover of Ranger Rick Jr. magazine is cute, you and your child are in for a treat, because there’s lots of baby animals in this month’s issue.

Meet the Kids Words

When reading about the animals on pages 6-12, have your child point to the baby in each picture as you say what the young animal is called. Then have your child repeat the name. After reading about all nine animals, ask your child if he or she remembers the name of each animal baby. Then ask if he or she can think of any other animals with the same name for their babies.

  • CALF – cow, elephant, giraffe, whale
  • CUB – bear, lion, raccoon, tiger
  • KIT – fox, rabbit, skunk, squirrel
  • PUP – dog, beaver, mouse, seal

Watch a video about baby animals at

QR code for baby animals video

Bonnie and Chester words

After reading the Bonnie and Chester comic on page 23, suggest making treats to help birds get through the winter. Help your child make dried apple slices and orange rings. Or make a string of dried cranberries and unsalted popcorn. Then encourage your child to place the treats outside to feed the birds (and probably a few squirrels) this winter.

Sending your family best wishes for the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.


QR code for shoebill Spanish storyHola! To read about these birds from pages 16-21 in Spanish go to



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