February 2021

English Parent Reading Guide

Dear Parents:

I am sure you will enjoy reading Ranger Rick Jr. with your child during 2021. Here are two ways for you to engage your child with this month’s issue.

After reading the Ricky and Pals adventure on pages 12–15, explain that your child can play Freeze Tag with friends. Suggest that the whole family play. Your child would probably enjoy tagging you and seeing if you can stay “frozen” for a minute without moving.

Turning to page 6, tell your child that you are going to learn together about animals that live near the North and South Poles where it is always cold. Point to the top and bottom of the globe at the bottom of page 7. Then point to where you live on the globe.

Ask your child if she likes to be cold. Would she like to live on the ice with walruses, polar bears, penguins, and artic foxes? While reading pages 8 and 9, ask your child if she knows why the animals are white. Explain that their color helps them hide in the snow.

Have fun sharing the animals from the pages of Ranger Rick Jr.

¡Hola! Read in Spanish about the animals from pages 6-11 at RangerRick.org/IceSP


Mike Wilson, Founder
Prekindergarten Reading Encouragement Project
PREP – Helping childhood literacy one family at a time.