June/July 2022

English Parent Reading Guide

June July 2022 RR JRDear Parents and Guardians:

The June/July 2022 issue of Ranger Rick Jr. magazine has lots of things to keep your child busy this summer. Be sure to take time each week to read with your child.

Meet the Baboons Text

On pages 16–21, you and your child will read that baboons are a kind of monkey. Here are some ideas to help your child learn about this animal.

  • Show your child a world map and find where you live on the map. How does this compare to where baboons live? (See page 16.)
  • Talk about the foods your family eats. How is this similar or different from what a baboon eats?
    Does your child “love eating fruit and anything else that is sweet” as the baboon on page 18?
  • Discuss how baboons groom each other. Then ask your child what he does to get clean.
  • Ask if your child likes to stay close to a family member like the small baboon on page 20.
  • Watch the video on page 21. Then tell your child how you carried him when he was very young.
  • What friend or relative does your child “like to chase…and play” with?

We Live in a Pond Text

Turn to page 26 and show your child three animals that can be found in a pond. Explain that the bullfrog is an amphibian; the duck is a bird; and the turtle is a reptile.

Then share the three clues on page 27 about a fourth pond animal— it has orange teeth, chops down trees, and swims with its tail. If your child has trouble guessing the animal, here is another clue: The animal is a mammal, which means it has hair or fur. Still need help? Turn the page to see the beaver. Encourage your child to cut out the photo of the beaver and hang it on the wall.

Please share the animals in Ranger Rick Jr. with your child every month.

Baboons in SpanishQR code¡Hola! Read about baboons in Spanish at RangerRick.org/BaboonsSP



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