March 2015

English Parent Reading Guide

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Recognizing shapes is important to a child’s development. Every Ranger Rick Jr.magazine is full of animal pictures and drawings that children love to identify. This month’s “Let’s Read” article, Animal Shapes (pages 26-30), can be fun reading with your child.

Point to the black giraffe shape on page 26 and ask your child to name the animal. Ask “What is the first letter of that animal’s name?” (It is okay to help your child if he or she doesn’t know the letter “G”.) Then ask your child to find the word giraffe in the Animal List on page 27.

Have your child repeat this exercise with the other eight animals on pages 26 and 27. Then read the animal facts about each animal on pages 28-30, such as, “A giraffe has the longest neck of any animal.” Does your child know any other facts about the animal? For instance, does your child know that giraffes live in Africa and have long legs?

Take time to talk about each animal shape, the animal’s name, the first letter of the name, and a few facts about the animal. This is a good way to use the magazine together and learn what your child knows. Give your child lots of praise for his or her answers.

If your child is still interested after reading pages 26 to 30, here are eight more shapes to extend this activity. However, many children will lose attention after 15 or 20 minutes. If that is the case, use these shapes later to remind your child about your time together with Ranger Rick Jr.

As your child names each animal, make a checkmark next to the animal’s name in this list and pronounce the first letter of the name.

Animal Shapes

To help with alphabet recognition and writing skills, ask your child to write the first letter of the animal’s name on the line next to the shape. Again, I want to emphasize the importance of giving praise to your child for each answer.

Enjoy every page of Ranger Rick Jr. with your child.


Mike Wilson, PREP Founder

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