March 2022

English Parent Reading Guide
March 2022 Ranger Rick Jr. Tiger Cover

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Ranger Rick Jr. always has amazing facts for you to share with your child. This month you can discover some of the surprising ways animals use their tongues. Here are some ideas to discuss with your child to get the most out of the article on pages 6-11:

  • Start by asking your child how he uses his tongue. (Answers might include tasting food, making a face, moistening lips, cleaning teeth, and helping to swallow food.) Then ask if he thinks animals use their tongues in the same way.
  • Turn to page 6 and ask your child if his tongue has spines on it. Then point to the small spines on the penguin’s tongue and tell your child that’s how the penguin holds slippery fish.
  • Ask your child if he or she has stuck out his or her tongue to scare somebody. That is what a blue-tongue skink is doing on page 6.
  • The mother lion on page 7 is using her tongue to clean her cub. Ask your child if her tongue is rough as sandpaper. Ask if she’d like to use her tongue as a washcloth.
  • Before reading about the other animals on pages 8–11 ask your child what he thinks each animal is doing with its tongue. Children often come up with funny ideas when describing pictures.
  • The giraffe on page 8 has a tongue that is two feet long. Show your child how big that is. Ask what it would be like to have a tongue that long.
  • The Komodo dragon on page 10 uses its tongue to smell. Ask how life would be different if you had to stick your tongue out to smell something.
  • The dingo on page 11 cools off by panting. What does your child do to cool off?

I hope you and your child have a lot of fun reading Ranger Rick Jr. this month.

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Mike Wilson, Founder

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