May 2020

English Parent Reading Guide

Dear Parents:

As you read Ranger Rick Jr. with your child, there are many ways you can talk about letters and words. Here are two ideas:

Point to a word and ask your child to find it in other places.

  • In the “Catch a Ride” article on pages 6-11, the word “baby” is in each photo caption. Show your child the word at the top of the page.
  • Then have your child find the word “baby” when you read about baby ducklings, gorillas, lions, kangaroos, scorpions, frogs, sea otters, and penguins on the following pages.
  • Finally, ask your child to spell the letters in the word baby – b, a, b, y.

When you encounter words that may be new to your child, take the time to stop and explain their meaning.

  • In “The Very Best Home” story on page 12, Bizzie Beaver says, “I’m adding sticks to my lodge.” If your child doesn’t know what a lodge is, explain that it is a type of building that some animals use as their home.
  • As you read words in the story, ask your child if he or she knows what they mean. Some examples of words your child might be unfamiliar with include “gaps” on page 13, “compared” on page 14, or “hollow” on page 15.
  • After you explain the meaning of each new word, ask your child to spell the letters of each word.

Make it fun for your child to recognize letters and words when you read together.

¡Hola! Read in Spanish about the crabs on pages 16-21.


Mike Wilson, Founder
Prekindergarten Reading Encouragement Project
PREP – Helping childhood literacy one family at a time.