May 2022

English Parent Reading Guide
Blue-footed booby Ranger Rick Jr. cover

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Spring returns to the pages of Ranger Rick Jr. this month.

  • Ricky and his Pals plant a garden for hummingbirds on pages 12–15.
  • Bonnie and Chester plant vegetable seeds on page 23.

Here are some ideas for how you might make these stories even more engaging for your child.


May’s warm weather makes it a good month to share nature’s beauty with your child. So, consider reading the Ricky and Pals story outdoors. If you do, your child may hear birds sing and bees buzz, as Ricky, Flora, Bizzie and Mitzi did on page 12. Encourage your child to make these animal sounds. You can make them, too. It’s fun.

Ricky and Pals artworkAs you read page 15, have your child point to the hummingbirds as they drink nectar from the flowers. Ask your child to name the flowers’ colors. Then ask your child why hummingbirds like tube-shaped flowers.

Scan the QR Code on page 12 to listen to the story while your child follows along in the magazine.


This month Chester is helping Bonnie plant vegetable seeds. Ask your child to tell you the names the vegetables on the stakes in the last picture. Hopefully, you both like all five—squash, peas, tomatoes, beans, and peppers.

Bonnie and Chester artworkAfter reading the comic, show your child the seeds you can find in tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, or bell peppers. The next time you visit a store, look at the garden seed display and ask your child to select a favorite vegetable.

Creating a flower or vegetable garden is a good family activity.

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Mike Wilson, Founder

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